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    Thread: The NEW Zakki Sieve Filters and a breif explanation of Wedge Wire Sieve Filters

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      I don't back wash, I just pop the lid and spray down the screen. Of course mine is a bit smaller at 100m.

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      Just because its not a Great Koi doesn't mean its not a Great Koi...Me circa 2013

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      Without my Zakki sieve I would have had to clean my Nexus at least twice a day this year. I'm hoping to add one to the skimmer circuit next year.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Zac Penn View Post
      Thanks for looking out but these filters are built like a tank so i don't think our koi pond pumps can damage the filter container. However freight companies always try their best to break things and last week they finally managed to break the outer container on a customers filter. This thing had to of been slammed into by something really heavy...

      This reminds me of a funny thing, that is speaking of "freight companies always try their best to break things".

      One guy was in the truck and another on the ground. Don't know why, but a big truck delivered mine. While one fella was unloading the filter off the truck, the other fella was going for it to gently lay it on the ground and the fella receiving the filter must have just put on hand lotion... That filter slipped right through his hands and arms and hit the ground hard from 3 feet high...

      The dude looked at me with the oddest face and said.... "well, that wasn't supposed to do that" It is like he was faulting the package for falling..

      I just smiled and laughed...

      Opened it up to make sure everything was ok and it was fine.... I was surprised also by how well the filter was packaged, that is on its own small crate and strapped down and taped like a champ.

      By the way Mr. Penn, thank you for supplying the 3-way valves. I didn't expect those to be in there, very awesome man.

      DIY'd my own aerated retro-fitted bottom drain. I just bent a 1" pvc to make a hoop around my island in the center of my pond, cut a 1/8 " slit in the hoop, angling the slit as close to the liner as possible, then got some air tubing to put on top of this.

      Works like a champ. My pump just sucks that water and trash in all around the island, it goes straight to the sieve, then through the pump into the MC50. It has even sucked in alot of leaves that have settled (which still makes me paranoid) and into the sieve without issues.

      So awesome... Don't think this would be possible and be so easy with any other sieve.

      Mr. Penn. Thank you very much for taking the time to make this and selling it. Much appreciated.
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      Fish are as healthy at 95 mm Hg Partial Pressure as they are in 125.8777 mm Hg Partial Pressure at Sea Level. Necessity of 100% DO saturation for optimum Koi health is rubbish, derived from breeders whom need big money to pay their prices to keep them in business. Fish's health don't act different due to their price tag!!!

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      I am really looking forward to putting the Zakki sieve and shower on the pond this year. It showed up last year just as I started putting new siding and windows on my house. They have been sitting in the shed with new pump and bead filter.

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      Thanks for the kind words Charles. Sometimes all you can do is laugh at people. Especially when they are handling other peoples things. I am glad it is working properly for you.
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      bigpig is offline Member
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      What are the dimensions for the sieve models please?

      Apologies if this has been addressed, just can't find dimensions here, nor on the website.

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      16" 4500 GPH , and 24" 9500GPH. About 3' tall

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