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    Thread: Terminology

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      Koi Terminlogy

      Ai / Blue
      Aka / Red
      Akami / Red eye in iris
      Amime / Net pattern of an asagi or kage
      Aoji / Sumi deep, in utsuri line, that gives blue to white field
      Aragoke / Armored scales
      Ato sumi / Late sumi
      Beni / Red
      Beta gin / Whole scale gin
      Boke sumi / Blurred sumi like kage
      Bongiri / No pattern in tail region
      Bozu / Bare head
      Bu / Size
      Chobo sumi / Black we see early on head, skull
      Daiya / Diamond gin rin
      Dan / Kohaku step of color i.e. nidan, sandan etc.
      Danmoyo / Stepped pattern
      Doitsu / Koi with scales along the dorsal and lateral lines only
      Doroike / Mud pond
      Fukurin / skin around the scale giving a scaloped affect
      Funa Sumi / Underlying sumi
      Gin / Silver
      Gin me / White eye rim
      Gin-rin / Silver Shinny scales
      Goma sumi / Speckled sumi
      Gosai / Koi in its fifth year
      Gosanke / The group of koi that include Kohaku, Sanke and Showa
      Goshiki / Five colored koi
      Hachi / head
      Hachiware / Divided head, line that divides, also menware
      Hada / Skin
      Hageshiro / Black koi, white on pectorals and head
      Hajiro / Black koi, white pectorals and belly
      Hakamahaki / Heavy rear pattern, opposite of bongiri
      Hanatsuki / Red down to nose
      Hanzome / Only part of scale covered in hi
      Harabote / Fat stomach
      Hariwake / Like a patchwork
      Hashiri sumi / Stripes on showa fins instead of motoguro
      Hi / Red
      Hiban / Largest hi
      Hikarimono / Metallic varieties
      Hikarimoyo / Patterned metallic
      Hikarimuji / One color metallic
      Hitomoji sumi / Y formed on head of utsuri or showa
      Hoo-Aka / Hi on cheek
      Hoshi / Star development of red
      Ichimai sashi / Sashi where the blurring extends a single scale
      Ichimatsu / Checkerboard pattern
      Ikeage / Harvest
      Inazuma / Lightning pattern
      Ippin / One of a kind koi
      Ippon / One step pattern
      Ipponhi / All hi on trunk above lateral
      Iroage / Coloring and finishing of koi
      Jihada / Skin texture
      Jikasen / Koi bred by that breeder, himself
      Jitai / A reference to the white ground color or shiro skin or shiroji
      Joppa / High class
      Jyami zumi / Sesame or goma
      Kagamigoi / Doitsu with some scales
      Kage / Shadow
      Kage sumi / Shadowy sumi
      Kaku sumi / Square sumi like on Jinbei or Torazo
      Kamisori kiwa / Color edge on half scale, straight edge
      Kanoko / Dappled
      Kasane sumi / Sumi on red not as stable
      Kata moyo / Pattern to side
      Kata zumi / Shoulder sumi of sanke to one side /
      Keito / traits of a particular breeders koi
      Ki / Yellow
      Kikei / Deformed
      Kin / Gold
      Kindai / Modern As in Kindai showa
      Kin-rin / Gold scales
      Kirekomi / Shiro that cuts into red pattern from the bottom
      Kiwa / Back edge of pattern
      Kohaku / Red and white koi
      Koi / Carp
      Kokesuki / Orange scale in hi field
      Koke nami / Arrangement of doitsu scales around dorsal(rack)
      Kokkaku / Bone structure
      Kokugyo / Best in size
      Komoyo / Small pattern
      Kuchibeni / Lipstick
      Kuchi sumi / Sumi on mouth
      Kujaku / Peacock
      Kumonryu / Dragon
      Kuro goshiki / Dark ground Goshiki
      Kuroko / 1st culling
      Kuro me / Black rimmed eyes
      Kutsubera / Horseshoe pattern on head
      Kyori / Jumbo
      Mado / Window
      Madoaki / Window in hi plate
      Maki / Wrap of pattern below lateral line, as in showa and utsuri
      Makiagari / Wrap of black on pattern underneath
      Makisagari / Wrap of red on pattern underneath,?maki
      Mameshibori / Light ground goshiki
      Maruten / Separate hi on head
      Marazome / Scalloped edge kiwa
      Matsuba / Pine cone
      Matsukawabake / Black and white koi which changes colors, a scaled
      Mekazura / Rim of eye. Prefer no hi, blue on sanke, black showa
      Mena and kana / Female and male
      Menasa / Pattern back on head, not kutsubera
      Menkaburi / All red head (hood)
      Menware / Dividng line on head of utsuri lineage
      Mesu / Female
      Motoaka / Hi at base of pectorals
      Motoguro / Black at base of pectorals
      Moyo / Pattern
      Mudagoke / Waste scale outside main on doitsu
      Muji / Solid color
      Nabe sumi / Poor sumi
      Nagaremoyo / Streaming pattern
      Narumi asagi / Light asagi
      Niban hi / Secondary hi that comes up later
      Nidan / Two step pattern
      Nimai sashi / Two / Scale sashi
      Nishikigoi / Koi!
      Nisai / Koi in its second years
      Odome / White area after last color before tail
      Ogon / Metallic single colored koi
      Ojime / Distance between the last dan and the tail
      Omoyo / Large pattern
      Osu / Male
      Otomo / Companion for shipping or tank
      Oyabone / Lead ray of major fins, white prefered
      Oyagoi / Parents used for breeding
      Pongoi / Good grade koi
      Purachina / Platinum
      Sandan / Three step pattern
      Sanmai sashi / Three scale sashi
      Sansai / Koi in its third year
      Sashi / Leading edge of pattern
      Sashikomi or sashi sumi / Sumi sashi or sumi insertion
      Sashi sumi / Leading edge of sumi pattern
      Selgyo / Adult koi
      Shimi / Black speckles on hi
      Shiro / White
      Shiro muji / All white Koi refers to a Koi which has lost its color
      Shiroji / White ground
      Sokusen / Lateral line
      Soragoi / Blue-gray koi
      Sougyo / Mature koi
      Tsubo / Well placed Sumi/on white ground
      Sumi / Black
      Sumi ojime / Pattern stops in the tail tube
      Tabisi / Journey
      Taiko / Height of koi
      Takai / Expensive koi
      Tancho / All white koi with red circle (normally) on head
      Taragoi / Would be perfect apart from one thing!
      Tarai / Blue bowl
      Tasukigake / Diagonal cross of pattern across back
      Tate hi / Hi above lateral line parallel to dorsal
      Tategoi / A Koi which will get better as it grows, a keep koi
      Tateshita / A Koi which is not considered as Tategoi anymore
      Teaka / Red on pectoral
      Tedi / Gloss on doitsu koi
      Tegima / Sumi stripes in fins
      Tejima / Stripes on pectoral
      Teri / Gloss to skin
      Tesumi / Black in pectorals
      Tobi hi / Hi alone or one or two scale hi spot
      Tome Sumi / Last sumi before tail
      Tosai / In its first year
      Tsubo sumi / Ideal placement of sumi preferably on the white areas
      Tsuya / Gloss to skin
      Urushi sumi / Best sumi
      Wagoi / Scaled koi
      Wakagoi / Young
      Yogyo / Baby koi
      Yondan / Four step pattern
      Yonsai / Koi in its forth year
      Zappa / Low class

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