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    Thread: PP question

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      In re-reading this whole thing, the smart ponder will note a few things:

      1). H2S isn't a good thing at any level. We can squabble all we want about the actual levels, but ANY detectable H2S is a problem which requires some changes to our husbandry protocols. Once you've got H2S in the system, it's time to stop benchracing and start FIXING the problem.

      2). If you do detect H2S, the sensible thing to do is add KMnO4 sufficient to buy you some time while you remove the fish, address the problem, and get rid of the offending anaerobic layer producing the problem.

      3). H2S likes to form in, and be trapped by, anaerobic gunk on the bottom of a dirty pond. No gunk = no H2S. If you've got bottom drains and are careful about keeping the pond clean, this entire discussion is largely of an academic nature. If you've got a cesspool with fish thrown-in, then stirring-up the bottom-gunk is a singularly effective way to kill fish by the score.

      4). Different people can (and will) use different approaches in any given pond management scenario. Folks like Steve Childers shouldn't be trusted with anything more dangerous than a frog-target and a squirt-gun. (Notice tongue planted firmly in cheek here). Guys like Roddy can get by using an atom-smasher, a piece of duct tape and a rolled-up newpaper. In the end, most of us common-folk will fall between these two extremes.

      My 2 cents worth. YMMV.

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      Best thing we ever did was #3 Roark. We had a flat bottom pond with no drain and it collected stuff like crazy. On the redo we sloped the the bottom to a drain and added a sort of tpr. Now we don't have to clean the pond ...just the filters!

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