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    Thread: the 300,000 gal. mud pond challenge

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      the 300,000 gal. mud pond challenge

      I've been waiting eight months to post this thread.

      Last March, 2009, this mud pond was dug in good clay soil. We didn't have a spring as a water source in or near the new pond. Instead we planned to draw water off a spring-fed brook that came from a field above me.

      We put in a bottom drain, not as expensive or sophisticated as the agra drain we used for the "lake" used for the "ki-shusui project" , see link.


      the drain ran to a gate valve and from there to a ditch and field.

      We calculated that this pond had a capacity of 250,000 -300,000 gallons.

      The shape was dug freehand behind a small antique barn which is now the pump house. the length is approx. 130 feet long by 40 feet wide by 10-12 feet deep.

      these first pictures are of the construction, with some close-ups of the drain.
      And not long after this, THE CHALLENGE began.
      Attached Images Attached Images           

      Ki Shusui Project : 300k Challenge : 500k Build : Flock Spawn Jamboree : Our Ki Midori Champions

      Ten minute video of Russ Peters sexing our future ki shusui oyagoi. : http://youtu.be/AhROs1cjC18

      Updated for the 2018 Harvest: What is "ki shusui?" Short version http://www.kishusui.com

      Twelve seconds that are the entire point of the last seven years!

      If you're reading this, you're on Team Ki.
      Kichi loves company. Max

      K-POTY 2013

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