Salinity (salt) Calculator
Amount of Water Amount of non-iodized Salt
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Why use salt? Salinity is often used for therapeutic purposes in ponds and aquariums. Normally, between 0.1 - 0.3 percent are used. Some conditions call for 0.5 percent or higher. Baths (1-5 minutes) are generally around 3.0 percent.
Using the calculator Two of the three fields "Gallons", % Salinity Change or "Amount of non-iodized Salt" are required to calculate the third field. The calculator remembers the last field entered and will calculate the missing field, e.g., if you enter Gallons and then go to Amount, the % Salinity will be calculated or if you enter Gallons and then % Salinity, the Amount will be calculated.
Examples: How much salt?
A 2000 gallon pond need to be dosed to 0.3% salinity and currently contains 0.0%. Enter 2000 in the Gallons and then enter 0.3 in the % Salinity. The amount of salt required will appear as pounds, ounces and grams
How many gallons?
You just added 20 pounds of salt to your pond and now the salinity is 0.25%, it was 0.05%. Enter 0.20 (change = 0.25 - 0.05) in the % salinity field and then enter 20 in the pounds field. The gallons will be displayed
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