Oxolonic Bath Calculator
Amount of water Dosage Weight in Grams
Gallons Liters mg/l Oxolium ® 100% Oxolonic Acid

Why use Oxolinix Acid? If you are unable or unwilling to use injectable antibiotics, this bath treatment may be worth trying. It can be used in the same instances that you would use Baytril®.
The protocol was developed by Richard Carlson. I'm *sure* REC would warn you that this treatment is "experimental," and you should undertake it at your *own* risk. I have used it, like it and trust it.
This will give you similar results to a full series of Baytril® injections.
Protocol Prepare a 25mg/l solution of oxolinic acid
Add additional air to solution
Place fish in solution for 30 min, no longer.
Remove fish and return to pond, QT, etc.

Be careful not to mix any of the solution with the pond/qt water as it will do a job on your filter.
I rinse the fish in some of their original water before returning them.
Using the calculator Enter gallons or liters which you wish to make for the bath. I use 2 gallons on a small fish and 3-5 gallons on larger ones.
You can not enter in the dosage and weight fields.
Examples: Fix a 5 gallon solution containing 25mg/l of oxolinic acid.
Enter 5 in the gallons field and you will see that you need to mix 12.01 grams of Oxolium® or 0.473 grams of 100% oxolinic acid with 5 gallons of water.
Notes This calculator uses JavaScript.
I'm confident this calculator is accurate, but things happen. Use it at your own risk,
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