View Full Version : Good Fry Raising Environment?

06-05-2009, 08:17 PM
Ok so I am making sure I can raise koi fry properly so I am just wondering if this is a good system I have planned...

I'll hatch the eggs in either a 20g tank (aeration is easier and less pain to clean) or an 80g pond. If the fry are in the 20 they'll be moved to the 80 outside after about 3 days (sooner or is this ok?) and I have 6 small aquarium airstones and pleanty of airpumps to aerate the water, plus 2 sponge filters.

I've got parrot's feather and 4-5 water lillies growing in the 80gfor fry protection, and might have more plants later too.

After the fry are about 1/2 inch I'll add a 'real' filter, how powerful should this be and is it too soon?

When and if tobies appear I'll move them to my 50g inside so they don't harm the others.

Sound good, can this be improved upon?