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12-01-2008, 09:52 PM
We will be using WebEx for the Seminars.

WebEx has capability to use either phone or microphone for communication orally, but it does not allow both methods to interface with each other, and due to the cost of the phone option, we will be using microphone. If you do not have a microphone, there is a chat area to allow you to participate through the keyboard. Microphones are cheap at around $2 On line to $50+ with Circuit City having several less than $20. Microphones should be configured to be recognized by your computer. With XP, go to “Control Panel”, select “Sounds and Audio Devices” and from the top, choose “Voice” and you will see a button for “Volume” on “Voice Recording”, this will open “Record Control” and you hit the “Select” button under “Microphone”, and adjust the microphone volume. We would love for you to be orally expressing yourself, but we extend our welcome to all.

Susan Reed will be setting up the Seminars. The participants for a seminar will receive a separate email from her for each seminar. This email will have the link to the WebEx Seminar you are signed up for. Each seminar will open 30 minutes before the actual seminar to allow speakers and participants to enter the seminar area. You will not be able to access any seminar except during its designated time frame. It takes a couple of minutes to get logged in.

Once you hit the link in the email, you will be taken to a window that asks for your email address and what name you want to be recognized by in the seminar. You can use your KoiPhen name or your given name or both. Do not change the password. Once you have this information input, hit Join Now. The next screen to open will be the Seminar screen. A popup will ask if you would like to join the Integrated VoIP Session, Click yes. If you do not join VoIP you will not be able to hear presenters or other attendees. Another box will open that has the volume controls for speakers and microphone. I personally set these fairly high and when the meeting starts, adjust them up or down as needed. If the invitation to join the VoIP Conference window does not open, go to the menu bar and select “Communicate” and select Integrated VoIP and “Join Conference” from the pull down. You will note that the bottom of the pull down is the menu choice for volume controls. (See Pic)

Once you have joined the VoIP Conference, you will see that we have you logged in “muted”. This will help us control the noise level. We will acknowledge participants and “unmute” them when they have a question. There is a button just below the list of participants that looks like a little hand that says “Raise Hand” and this is the button you will use to get the attention of the presenter or moderator, so you will be called on to speak. If you decide that your question has been answered, or you want to back down, just hit the hand again and it will take your hand down. (See Pic)

Beside the “Raise Hand” button is a “Mute/Unmute” button. (See Pic) We would appreciate that you leave yourself muted until called on. The microphones do pick up background noises, computer hums, barking dogs, nagging spouses, calls for another cold one, etc. that we would like to keep the broadcasts at a minimum during the seminars.

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those folks on dial up. i suggest trying to get into any given seminar min 1 hour before hand. due to application that is needed to view seminar will take almost that length to download.

12-04-2009, 07:21 PM
The first post has the instructions that were issued last year for the seminar programs. The seminars are to open 1/2 hour before the speaker starts his presentation. This is to give the speaker time to load the presentation, and give you time to enter the seminar before speakers start their talk, downloading their presentation materials. As mentioned in the post immediately above this post, there is a small application that has to be downloaded to use WebEx for the first time. This doesn't take long on any of the high speed internet connections but does for the dialup. Also, once the presentation is loaded by the presenter, it is available for download to your computer, and the more of it that is downloaded when the presentation begins, the faster the changes of screens.

Enjoy the seminars.