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08-09-2007, 04:35 PM
This may be a real noob question but forgive me. Im pretty good on construction and DIY but when it comes to what its all about (the KOI) I admit I lack the knowledge. My question is how many bloodlines do the KOI we end up getting ultimately come from? My concern for this stems from "pure bred" canines. It ultimately means inbreeding to keep the characteristic of the breed the same. I used to own Bernese Mtn Dogs and their breed has gotten so old that the dogs life spans are only 6-7 years and than cancer hits them. Generally purebred dogs are not as healthy as muts. As KOI farmers mass breed to ultimately make money are they headed down a path that could produce genetic defects? Has anyone attempted breeding KOI with wild Carp to introduce new blood? I started thinking this when I looked at Chagoi. They seem to resemble natural Carp because of their dark color and they grow very large. Why would the color of the fish dictate faster growth? Which led me to think maybe someone at some point introduced natural carp blood again and thats why there is a difference. Sort of thinking out loud sort of asking a question...

dick benbow
08-09-2007, 11:15 PM
breeding koi for those top names we're all familar with means constantly introducing new blood from other breeders. That's why the KHV disease is re-writing the book on the introduction of new blood. Most breeders have locked down their introduction of anything outside their own facilities. This will be just a momentary slow down in the history of the development of koi. Toshio sakai began the jumbo craze with the introduction of magoi carp to his matsunosuke bloodline. This brought back the health factor and body shape
but took four generations of breeding to bring back the color to the wild carp.
So what you have is an investment of close to 20 years. Now many breeders are doing it.

readers digest verson of what i just explained, don't worry, the genetics are in good hands.

If I lived in New Jersey I'd be at nisei koi farm getting to know Ross and Bob. if you want to learn about breeding koi and genetics.

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Cowiche Ponder
08-10-2007, 03:06 PM
Brady I know is doing some magoi crosses