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06-11-2007, 11:58 AM
My pond is 5,000.
I have 8 koi...medium size . And 4 sarrassa.
2 weeks ago I pulled a bunch of eggs out of my hyacynth. I assumed they were from the overly-fat sarassa.
Then this weekend after we put a big blanket of Hyacynth back in....we noticed the koi all going crazy. A couple of diffferent ones chasing one large female and sort of herding her under the plants. Lots of activity late in teh evening.
Sure enough we have a bunch of new eggs .

At what point will they start to color-up and show me what they actually are?
Koi or sarrassa?

And also...most of my experience is with breeding fish. Im making a large hold tank ( 600 gals. ) for raising fry. But what do you guys do with all of them, I am actually too successful with fish sometimes. I just got rid of over 800 bettes from only 3 par of adults. I love raisng fish...but what to do with them all?
I actually gave all the bettas to a local school for their kids.


06-11-2007, 01:27 PM
Short cut method, leave the plants or whatever other spawning media in the pond for 24 hrs before removing to a hatchery tank, or only remove as much as you want to hatch and just leave the rest. Many of the eggs will be "recycled" for you and you wont have to deal with so many to begin with.
For future spawns you might want to do some advance planning by contacting local High Schools, Junior Colleges, Colleges, to find out who might have an aquaculture dept. You may be able to arrange to donate extra eggs for hatching/development study by the school.