View Full Version : 2021 Rocky Mountain Koi Club Auction - May 15, 21

05-01-2021, 01:00 PM
The Rocky Mountain Koi club will be hosting its annual Koi Auction on Saturday May 15.

Koi should be bagged prior to arriving, if not there will be bags and oxygen available for $5/bag each bag will be auctioned as a unit regardless of number of fish.

Koi for auctioning and bidder registration will be from 9am - 10am. Auction is estimated to go until 12 or 1. Sellers suggested to offer 50% of sale to the club. Credit cards accepted.

This will be held at my home in Castle Rock, please send me a message for the address or you can text me at four four O, 823, six three O one.

Please park on the road (mind the parking signs) and leave the driveway open for loading and unloading.

This event is open to non-club members.