View Full Version : Keeton Industries KI Nitrifier extra gel packs for sale locally in Las Vegas, NV

09-15-2020, 08:31 PM
I'm selling extra packs of Keeton Industries KI Nitrifier Biofiltration Activator Beneficial Bacteria (https://www.keetonaqua.com/kinitrifier) that I just received on Wednesday (9/16) in Las Vegas, NV. These are some of the best nitrifying bacteria on the market for koi ponds (and aquariums) for reducing ammonia and nitrite levels, and actually require overnight shipping with constant refrigeration for delivery.

These are far better than the bottled bacteria that you can buy normally online. Those bottled bacteria are not the type of bacteria that are used in bio filters as the bio filter bacteria are aerobic and would die quickly in the closed container. There are a few good sources of bio bacteria, but they are shipped overnight and maintained refrigerated. The bottled bacteria are more closely related to Rid-X or some of the other septic tank bacteria products that are anaerobic, sludge digesters. They may be of some use in bog filters which tend to clog with sludge and then become anaerobic, but those don't digest ammonia or nitrite.


You can only buy this type of Nitrifying Bacteria DIRECT from the company located in Colorado and have it delivered via overnight shipping. Each gel pack costs $84 individually and the overnight shipping costs over $100 (http://www.cascade-pond-supply.com/Keeton-Industries-KI-Nitrifier/Keeton-Industries-KI-Nitrifier-p-951.html) to Las Vegas from them. So, if you just want to try one gel pack, it would cost almost $200 with the shipping costs included if you only bought one pack alone.

There is a bulk discount on orders of 5-packs of the KI Nitrifier for about $340 plus the $100+ overnight shipping. I ordered one of these 5-packs to save on costs and spread out the hit of the overnight shipping. However, I don't need all 5 packs to treat my pond and they're best to use within 6 months (although the dealer told me that it should work fine after 6 months with maybe just a little loss of efficacy). So, if anyone locally in the Las Vegas area needs an extra gel pack or two (or just want to try out this much stronger biofilter bacteria in their pond), I'm definitely willing to sell/split some of the extra packs to recoup some of my costs.

I'll just charge $95 per pack. As I stated before, they are normally $84 each plus $100+ for the required overnight shipping/tax if you were to get a single packet (you can get these quotes directly from them and their website). This is perfect for people that want to try out this much stronger biofilter nitrifying bacteria in their ponds without the hassle of paying all the extra money for overnight refrigerated shipping, and it should last all season after the 9 days of treatment (unless your pond somehow gets knocked out of cycle).

I've geot them on Wednesday (9/16/2020) and they are waiting in my refrigerator for use (or to find a nice new home). I live in Centennial Hills in Northwest Las Vegas. PM me or email me at deanchoi@gmail.com if you're interested. Thanks!