View Full Version : Rhino Bottom Drain for 3" Pipe - 90 Degree - RHI-390 - NEW $85 Shipped!

04-23-2020, 11:24 AM
Heavy Duty - Rhino 90 Degree Bottom Drain (https://www.123ponds.com/rhi-390.html) - 3" - New in original box
asking $85 shipped. I went with a retro bottom drain instead.

The Rhino 90 Degree Drain is fully constructed of Sch 80 PVC and comes ready to install onto your horizontal plumbing removing steps from assembly time to make your assembly process easier.

3" Slip Connection
Made in the USA
Thicker flanges and liner attachment ring that will not flex, distort or crack
All attachments are precision machine fitted for extra strength with no need for gap filling
All joints are hand welded resulting in more strength than the speed welds used on other drains.
Rhino drains do not use any injection molded components which would weaken the structure.
Full 3" height over the discharge port of Rhino II equals more concrete over the horizontal discharge


04-30-2020, 04:29 PM
Any interest in this bottom drain??