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04-12-2020, 04:58 AM
Dear my Nishikigoi lover friends

We Niigata Yukiguniya Koi Farm tell thanks to health care workers who struggle COVID-19 hard all over the world and we cheer you who have to endure this tough situation with the words "let's do our best".

We send photos of Nishikigoi to heal you who cannot go out.
Please rank them to have fun.
If you make feel better by this,I'll happy.
Which carp do you choose the best one?

These Nishikigoi are going to go to mountain pond in May.
We grow them in the pool to breed currently,but if it comes to warm,we will be able to free them in pond.
As a result,they can grow enough.
We are going to sell them which were grown wonderfully from October.
Please look forward to how they grow up in the fall and come back.

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Press the green "送信" button at the bottom to vote

Voting ends on April 29
Voting results will be announced at the end of April

Let's overcome difficulties,friends.

Niigata Yukiguniya Koi Farm Rancher