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02-09-2020, 05:29 AM
Hello everyone
Today I will show you some products for sale
:Hi ya!:

before that

There are many famous and large carp farms in Japan.
We, Niigata Snow National Koi Farm, are low-profile koi farms.

Goods aren't bad because of their low profile.
To become famous in Japan, you have to participate in many contests
It is necessary to get many awards.

We also run a Japanese restaurant in addition to Nishikigoi farming.
The contest takes place on Saturday and Sunday
We cannot participate in the contest.

We love Nishikigoi.
To make our Nishikigoi known to the world
I participated in this koiphen.

Please feel free to contact us if you have a favorite Nishikigoi.

☆1-star product 2,000 yen per animal
1 box 60 set 120,000 yen
This Nishikigoi is a genius (1 year old Nishikigoi).
13cm-25cm male or female unknown
Nishikigoi cannot be selected. We leave it to us.
In stock
Shipping costs are not included.
Please contact us as there are differences depending on the exporting country.

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Niigata Yukiguniya Koi Farm