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01-07-2020, 11:45 AM
It is time to make plans to attend the biggest koi show in the East... and the biggest judged goldfish show in the country. Treat yourself to a spring vacation in Orlando. The Central Florida Koi & Goldfish Show will be March 13-15, 2020 at the Avanti Palms Resort & Conference Center, 6515 International Drive, Orlando, FL 32819. "The Orlando Show", as it is known in show circles, is the largest judged koi show in the Eastern U.S., drawing entries from across the country. Plus, the judged goldfish show, now in its eighth year, has become the largest goldfish show in the country. In addition to the judged shows, there are over 30 vendors from across the nation with koi, goldfish, pond supplies, aquatic plants, garden art and more. Seminar presentations on koi, goldfish and ponds are conducted all day Saturday beginning at 9:00am. Show Hours: Fri. March 13 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.; Sat. March 14 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.; Sun., March 15 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sponsored by ZNA Southern Koi Association and the koi clubs of Orlando, Florida East Coast, Rainbow River and Gainesville. Free admission. (Seminar series on Saturday is $10 for the day.) For more information, including how to become a vendor at the show, visit www.cfks.org .

For hotel reservations at the group rate: www.avantipalmsresort.com Click ‘Book Now’ and use the 2020 group code: 820190 to get the show rate of $112 per night. (The daily resort fee is waived under the group rate.) After February 25, full rates apply.

We have a great line-up of vendors already. All spaces for koi dealers have been taken, but there are still spaces available for dry vendors.

McAdams Designs
Happy Koi
Koi Smart Pond Supply
Razorback Koi
Koi Market
Benihanna Nishikigoi
Schult Koi
Living Artwork Fish Farms
Ultra Balance
Bristol Koi
Chevy’s Quality Koi
Ecological Laboratories
Fish Corner (Gunn Chukasal )
United Aquatics
Performance Pro Pumps
Wonders of Water
Champion Koi
Kodama Koi Farm
Anjon Watergardens
Embroidery By Denise
Nijikawa Koi Food
Purdin Koi
The Koi Store.
Peters & Sons
Aquatic Nutrition
Blackwater Creek
Deepwater Innovations

01-08-2020, 01:22 PM
Hope all is well with the preparations any idea yet who the judges will be?

01-09-2020, 09:35 AM
The judges line-up for 2020 is: Dale Gingerich, Head Judge; Troy Head, Assistant Judge; Michelle Gravenish, Assistant Judge; and Steve Zimmerman, Student Judge.

And... My list of vendors left off Genki Koi. Kevin is moving to a space across from the registration room. Plus, it looks like Mike Weynschenk (Southwest Koi & Goldfish) might be able to come. If so, he won't have koi. All koi vendor slots are taken. But, he will hopefully have some of those incredible goldfish ...and all the dry goods for every pond need.

01-09-2020, 10:09 AM
The WWKC would like to donate a friendship award for the show if the Show Committee would accept?

Too bad I'm on the other side of the country because it sounds like one heck of a show! :thumb:

01-15-2020, 11:14 AM
Absolutely! ..sorry I've been slow to reply. Been out of pocket for a while.

We would like to have a WWKC member designated to make the choice of the koi given the award. There are always WWKC members at the show. I'm sure someone will volunteer, or accept being drafted. If the award is sent to that person, all they need to do is bring it to the registration room where it will be displayed in advance & let the show chair (Henry Culpepper) know. When the person makes their choice, they tell the registration folks their selection (identify by tank number, variety, etc.). Then the winner of the award will be included on the winner list printed after judging on Sat. If the person (or other WWKC member) attends the banquet, they will be called upon to present it to the winner (if in attendance).

If necessary, we can arrange for the award to be sent to me. Best to use regular email to contact me. I'm bad about checking messages on the forum. ….michael.mcmahon@akerman.com .

01-15-2020, 12:26 PM
:thumb: I'll get on it! :)

02-13-2020, 09:35 AM
All vendor spaces have been taken. ...I might be able to create a space for one dry goods vendor if they can work with a long, narrow display. Also, it looks like all tanks for entries into the koi show have been reserved. Someone wanting to enter koi in the competition will need to get with Henry Culpepper to see if there has been a cancellation. The vendor line-up:



1. McAdams Designs
2 & 3. Happy Koi
4 & 5. Koi Smart Pond Supply
6. Razorback Koi
7 & 8. Koi Market
9. Benihanna Nishikigoi
10. Sam Schult Koi
11. Schroettinger Goldfish
12. Chevy’s Quality Koi
13, 14 & 15. Bristol Koi
16 & 17. Champion Koi
18. United Aquatics
19. Fish Corner
20. Performance Pro Pumps
21. Genki Koi
22. Wonders of Water
23. Living Artwork Fish Farm
24 & 25. Kodama Koi Farm
26. Southwest Koi & Pond
27. Hikari
28. Southwest Koi & Pond
29. Raffles
30. Ultra Balance
31& 32. Anjon Watergardens
33. Rainbow River Koi Info/Club Info table
34. MicrobeLift/Ecological Laboratories
35. Christen Hauenstein
36. Embroidery By Denise


First Row
T-1. USA Koi
T-2. Aqua-Meds
T-3. Aquatic Equipment & Design
T-4 & T-5. Purdin Koi

Middle Row
T-6, T-7, T-8 & T-9. The Koi Store.
T-10. Nijikawa Koi Food

Third Row
T-11. Peters & Sons
T-12. Aquatic Nutrition
T-13 & 14. Blackwater Creek
T-15 & 16. Deepwater Innovations

03-11-2020, 11:22 AM
The weather report for the weekend seems very boring, but great for the health of the koi.... 60's at night 80's in the day....

Rob Forbis
03-13-2020, 10:55 AM

Rob Forbis
03-13-2020, 05:44 PM

03-13-2020, 07:37 PM

Nice Pics Rob thx! How is the attendance?

Rob Forbis
03-14-2020, 10:40 AM
Attendance may be down slightly, Saturday will tell. Vendors, like Taro and Carl say business is good.

03-14-2020, 02:23 PM
Love those goldfish!

03-14-2020, 11:48 PM
So far the show has been a succes a few weeks ago icu2 (Steve) asked me if I could represent this entire group (Koiphen) to select an friendship award and I accepted his invitation. As I walked around these tanks there was one koi that to me it deserved this award, after I walked and looked at all the koi it came down to two koi and me being a backyard breeder I get to see a large group of young koi every year. I like different, unique and when a koi catches my eye it's because I see something special. I might add it was the first time this couple has show koi and they brought this koi to the show just to find out what variety it was. The interesting part of this story was that after I had made the selection and submitted my ppwk a lady comes by my booth and she's looking at the koi I had for sale we strike a conversation and she began to tell me about this koi that her and her husband had brought to the show in hopes that they could find out what type it was when she described her koi to me I immediately knew that our entry was her koi I said nothing to her about what I had done earlier well we get to the banquet and low and behold when I looked at the winners sheet the judges had also selected the same koi as the most unique in the show, Hikarimoyo 24 to 28" here she is I hope you all enjoy our selection.599549

03-14-2020, 11:52 PM
Well done Orlando! :clap: :clap:
They must have been so excited to get two awards at their first show! :wtg:

Thanks for sharing and volunteering to pick the winner for us!