View Full Version : Yoshikigoi Azukari Tosai for Fall Harvest Buying Trip

07-05-2016, 07:52 PM
During my last visit to Yoshikigoi, we picked 10 very special Yoshikigoi Tosai that we're tying directly to the fall 2016 harvest in Poland. The lucky buyers will get to go to Poland and harvest their koi from the mud ponds at Yoshikigoi Koi Farm. They will get an up close and personal experience harvesting koi with Jos Aben as well as a first hand look at the Yoshikigoi Koi farm. All food and lodging is complimentary during your stay and transportation to and from the airport in Poland is also taken care of. The only thing you have to pay for is your airline ticket to/from Poland, everything else is covered. If your interested in being part of this amazing experience of a lifetime, let me know.

Here are the 10 Tosai we picked, (2) of them are already sold, #2 New Doitsu Kohaku and #6 Doitsu Hariwake.

We have 16 total slots for this Buying trip, 3 slots have already been taken so we have 13 left.

The tentative date for the trip is November 1st 2016. If your interested in going on this trip, send me a PM.