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05-05-2010, 02:29 PM
Hi, I have a small 5'X5'X3' Ogtoganal shaped above ground pond. It houses a 4 fish, 3 koi (1 fan tail )2 are 3 years old and one still just a baby 2" long, and one large Gold fish (same size as 2 larger koi) Well anyways, I have a pump inside a bucket that has a large screen and then some filter matting on top of it that feed a smaller top waterfall basin...well when doing a routine matt cleanning I noticed a ton of small round beads stuck to the matting....I think they are eggs...not sure??? If they are should I remove the matting so that if the fish hatch they don't get sucked down into the pump??? If I did should I put the mat in a fish tank until they hatch???? I don't really want to kill them but don't really have room for more fish? any suggestions? :scratch: