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05-04-2006, 05:18 PM
We started this discussion on a previous thread about if you want to show and Oranda now or someday, what do you look for in a body? Does the tail size matter? How do you now if they will be big? What do you mean by short squatty body?
Well here three fish have come up on Tommy's site that can help show the difference. Tommy has some nice Orandas this time if you are looking. Better than other times.
I have posted three of them.
The Tri-color as a 5 inch fish has the biggest future body and great potential. The head growth is nice and tight and even. On this type of head you do not have to worry about the eyes getting covered. Of the three this has the highest body and the largest back(area between the stomach outline and the start of the dorsal going up). It is very wide from side to side. If you compare this to the Red and White Oranda, you will see that the R?W is smaller with a smaller back. If you look at the tails you will see the R/W has a bigger tail now, which is true. But remember, I said previously, that if a goldfish's body is growing, that the growth is concentrated there and when that growth slows the tail finnage will increase in size. So between those two the Tricolor will continue to grow in body a little longer then it will catch up in tail size later. The black will probably fade on the Tri-color so do not let that enter your decision. On both of these fish you will see that the head growth comes back far enough on the body that the dorsal starts right after the head going up. On the first R/W Oranda on the auction site yoy will see a big difference in this neck region which is not desirable for show.
Now look at the Blue Oranda which he lists for show quality and charges the most for. The charge is for head growth and quality of color, but this fish will not grow large. Compare this to the two other fish here and you will see the big difference. The Blue appears to have a longer neck and the head growth does not come back to the dorsal. The tail is not tight up against the body so the body looks weaker and does not show the strengty to keep that tail out in back.
So if these fish were in a show today and all the same size, the R/W would finish first. It has the best body, finnage, head growth and color for today. The Tri-Color would come in second. It still has a good body but noit finished as well and the tail needs to be bigger. The Blue would be last. It has good color and individual qualities but put together with body and deportment could not compete.
But now for me I would buy the Tri-Color for the future and see if I could make a deal on the R/W for showing now. The Blue I would pass on and look for the same attributes in a the body of the other two

Susan Reed
05-04-2006, 09:14 PM
I think I understand what you are saying about the body being a tight circle

05-04-2006, 10:03 PM
Good yes, The closer to a circle the better. Should look like Head-Body-Tail with not much in between. Tight compact