View Full Version : What I would do with sprouted tubers.

03-14-2010, 12:31 PM
I know some of you got tubers in the mail. Its a bit early so I would not put them outside unless I had a heated tank. Now next week I am going to try and find a small stock tank to put some of mine in. I would plant then in a small pot. put in some dirt and some osmacote, place the insert the bottom half of the tuber in the dirt and sprinkle some sand over the dirt. place in a large heated well lit tub. Dont forget to label. Most f you can get more plants off of the tubers if you want too. I dont mind a few multiple crowns. I will be giving most of my blues away to a cousin who loves blue and does not care if they have a name or not. Remember heat and light are important.

andrew davis
03-14-2010, 12:43 PM
Yup, that would work well, you would have well budded plants ready to put out the first moment the ponds are warm enough.

Plus, with a set up as effective as that if the weather takes a nasty turn late in the season you can bring them back in...

Regards, andy