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  1. FYI Plant Trade Forum has been purged 3/15/12
  2. Alert Plant Trades/Sales "Buyer Beware"
  3. Those Selling Plants of any kind /Vendors/Traders
  4. Land lovers for water lovers?
  5. Parrot's Feather
  6. HAVE: Hardy lilies for swap anyone?
  7. Various!
  8. WTB Hosta and daylilies
  9. Avocada...criollo type.
  10. Anyone have any naked ladies.. Amaryllis lol
  11. Hornswort & Parrots Feather available for trade or purchase.
  12. Anyone have cold hardy bananas?
  13. Varigated Vinca Major
  14. I need water hyacinth
  15. Hosta, Iris, Variegated Sweet Flag & Water lilies.
  16. Plant Sale
  17. Looking for floating pond plants
  18. Un-named White Hardy Lily and floaters available
  19. lotus
  20. parrot feather ,primrose, pennywort,duckweed and more.
  21. Empress lotuswanted or..
  22. Free frogbit!
  23. Looking for a small lotus.
  24. Blue Pickerel Rush coming out my ears - free for postage
  25. Anyone have any Japanese Blood Grass Imperata cylindrica 'Red Baron'?
  26. looking for water hyacinth/lettuce
  27. FREE unknown hardies water lilies for postage
  28. Does anyone have Mojito Taro available for trade?
  29. Peaches N Cream hardy water lily tubers for trade
  30. Yellow Queen Hardy Water Lily (pic)
  31. looking for an Egyptia sacred blue water lily
  32. I need to divide my iris plants again - they're growing over the edge of the baskets
  33. Several round pre-form containers for sale in Dallas
  34. looking for hoya rope type and spider plants and arrowhead vine
  35. Japanese maples and hostas for sale
  36. looking to add plant life to koi pond :-)
  37. Waterlilies & pond plants for trade!
  38. wtb lotus , lilys
  39. yellow bearded iris, orange daylilies, white rain lilies
  40. WTB: Some Parrot Feather......
  41. Euryale ferox, the gorgon plant available
  42. 3 sprouted seedling plants, Water Hawthorn (Aponogeton distchyos)
  43. Looking for the elusive Okeechobee Lotus seed or plant
  44. I'm looking to buy water hyacinths
  45. WTB Jennifer Rebecca nightbloomer
  46. WTB: Night Blooming Lillies
  47. Lotus Tubers & Parrot's Feather For Sale
  48. Looking for Mojito Taro (for trade if possible)
  49. WTT for Blue Astor or Charlie's Pride
  50. pond plants
  51. Water hyacinth wanted
  52. Want to buy pond plants
  53. Tropical Viviparous Pads needed
  54. Available, day bloom tropical waterlily Caliente
  55. Wanted Plants for Postage
  56. Available, Aussies, Albert de Lestang and Violacea
  57. One lily still needed - Lavender Lace
  58. Wanted: Water poppy, lotus, hawthorn, mosaic plant
  59. Twofers! available, Two BLOOMING SIZE hardy waterilies
  60. Twofers! available, two well sprouted tropical waterlily tubers
  61. I have irises (mostly lavender and purple) and some pickerel rush that I will
  62. RAOK...... One Beautiful Colorado Water Lily
  63. RAOK ..GF & 2 Kids
  64. RAOK......Columbine seeds
  65. WTT for Islamorada
  66. RAOK iris ,red root,lizardtail
  67. Plants for postage -- mix of hardy and tropical water lilies
  68. Matherfish and shine5555
  69. Flowering size night bloom tropical waterlilies
  70. Kathryn's (Kat) Plants
  71. Flowering size tropical waterlilies... Albert Greenberg
  72. WTT lotus seeds and hyacinth for lillies
  73. Wanted Hardy Lilies
  74. Need big old-fashioned roses -- where to find in NE or by mail.
  75. Looking for trade for tropical lilies
  76. Anyone have lily seeds?
  77. RAOK for a Taro!!!!
  78. Dwarf White Mexican Petunia's
  79. Mexicana Water Lilies For Sale
  80. Blooming size hardy waterlilies available
  81. Live fish food, 32oz volume duckweed available for trades of interest
  82. Typhonodorum
  83. What is this?
  84. New Greenhouse Inflation Blower, 60 CFM for trade!
  85. Looking for lilly lady
  86. Want pond plants.
  87. WTB Thalia
  88. Plants for Trade
  89. My goldfish tanks are in need of plants:
  90. Wanted: N mexicana 'Cape Canaveral'
  91. Wanted- Ruby or Queen of Siam vip tropical lilies
  92. Wanted: Nymphaea Tina
  93. WTB Queen Victoria Red Lobelia
  94. Want
  95. WTB Lotus tubers
  96. ISO Bog Plants
  97. Colocasia esculenta 'Chicago Harlequin' for TRADE
  98. Treating Water Lilies and Floating Plants for Pests - Any Advice
  99. Free: Water lettuce
  100. Looking to trade Lotus Tubers for medium to large lotus varieties.
  101. WTB Lotus and Lilies (in Canada)
  102. Hardy waterlilies for postage
  103. Looking for lotus seeds
  104. Euryale Ferox
  105. Wanted: Lotus 'Roseum Plenum'
  106. Lost my favorite water lily
  107. Hardy lotus varieties
  108. RAOK Black Magic Taro give away
  109. Ruby or Queen of Siam
  110. Staghorn fern wanted
  111. Lilies of any type and/or aquatic moss
  112. Looking for Nymphaea minuta seeds or plant
  113. Assorted pond plants for sale
  114. Water Hawthorne seed for trade
  115. looking for water plants
  116. What Mikey has...
  117. Nymphaea prolifera
  118. Wanted- Water hyacinths
  119. Tangerine Pink for trade
  120. Trade for yellow Snowflake, white snowflake, Botswalla Wonder or Texs Star Hibiscus
  121. wanting to trade for water marigold, Mosaic plant or water zinnia
  122. Mikey's Wishlist...
  123. Wanted- Water hyacinths from nyc
  124. Anacharis or elodea? Anyone have some?
  125. I have spare Nymphaea Minuta
  126. Have Water Hyacinths and Lettuce --In Tracy California
  127. Wanted: Avocado Hosta
  128. Looking for parrots feather
  129. Plants in Canada
  130. Lotuses for Sale
  131. Looking to trade for some tropical lily tubers
  132. Looking to buy a lotus
  133. looking for hardy water lilies
  134. Lotus Plants for Sale in Charlotte (the big lotuses)
  135. America Lotus, Yellow
  136. Lily Trade (Charlotte, NC)
  137. Tropical water lilies
  138. Water plants
  139. COFFEE Cup Colocasia wanted
  140. Euryale ferox
  141. N pygmaea alba and minuta
  142. Anyone selling Lotus or Hardy Lilies ?
  143. Wanted hellvola, buy or have baby doll or momo boton lotus to trade.
  144. Looking for yellow Siberian iris
  145. King of Siam for sale or trade
  146. Can you Please tell me the name of this pond plant
  147. Have Tropical Water Lilies
  148. Some overgrown pond plants free or trade for some hardy lily pads. (Merrick, NY)
  149. DFW area -- have water lilies