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  1. General Hardness reduction
  2. What are the "ideal" water parameters
  3. Lets talk ORP
  4. Nitrite spike
  5. PP question
  6. Sodium percarbonate uses in fish ponds
  7. Sodium percarbonate uses in fish ponds
  8. Basic Water Quality Limits
  9. How salt controls nitrites
  10. Next Most excellent Roarkian installment:pH
  11. Of course, we must talk about Hardness
  12. Those that kill - You Gotsta monitor
  13. Nitrite in Fish Ponds
  14. Smelled Chlorine
  15. Does anyone have an electronic PH meter made by Milwaukee?
  16. ORP is Higher Really Better?
  17. So how many types of algae are there?
  18. Hydrogen peroxide or sodium percarbonate overdose comments
  19. concernd about ph