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Thread: Rubber Lip Pleco's

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    Rubber Lip Pleco's

    I have not seen any of them since adding them a few days ago. Are these fish prone to hiding?

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    Oh yeah, that is their modis operendi. Sometimes a pleco will go undercover for days or weeks at a time. I see mine at least once a week now though. When the lights first go out in the evening, check the tank and see if your clean up crew are making their rounds.

    I've got a bristlenose in my 55g planted tank that I never see out swimming around. I just see his tail hanging out the back of his hiding place.


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    I got my first bristlenose about 2 months ago - she is just now getting brave enough to come out and snatch some of the goldfish food when they are fed.

    They mostly like to live in caves, I think, mine hangs out on semi-hidden parts of the driftwood and on the backs of the plant vases

    She's grown alot - doubled in size in 2 months!

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    My common pleco hides (he thinks) by attaching himself to the underside of a rock formation in my aquarium . His tail is usually sticking out, unbeknowingst to him, of course, so I know where he is. He also makes rounds when he doesn't see me or anyone else around. Often he attaches himself to the back of the aquarium near the intake of one of the pumps. I guess he thinks he's hidden there.

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    Yes they hide very well too. Last weekend we moved the 55 gallon tank to paint behind it...drained it down to about 2 inches of water depth. Took the goldfish out and put them in the 10 gallon for the move, but couldn't find the rubber lip anywhere! the only thing in the tank was the water and several polished stones. ( I'm attaching a picture to show the size and type of stones) Bruce and I looked and looked for that pleco and couldn't find him. I looked at each stone in case he was attached to one..NEVER found him....We finished the painting..filled the tank re added the "ruin" and the goldfish and the next morning there the pleco was on the front of the glass fine as could be. Haven't seen him again since though.
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