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Thread: Will PVC pipe crack?

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    Will PVC pipe crack?

    This question is for all you who are lucky enough to endure cold, long winters.

    I have been considering installing a bottom drain in my pond, which I hear is a definite must. However, the pipes would definitely not be below the freeze line. I figure the above-ground piping should be okay as long as I drain it out, but I would rather not have to drain out the entire pond every year just so I can make sure the bottom drain pipes are dry and crack-free.

    Does anyone have any insight on what I should do to prevent the pipes from cracking during the winter?

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    Exclamation Bottom Drains


    I would have thought that provided you maintained a good flow rate through the bottom drain pipework and kept the pond covered to prevent heat loss, you shouldnt have a problem... based on weather we have here in the UK....

    We dont get much below -5 to -8 degress C here in the south of England, may be an all different ball game if the temperature gets really low so not sure how it would perform in really freezing conditions....

    best regards

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    Yeah Chris Minnesota winters are a bit -40 F And that is without wind chill

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    I was also afraid of the bottom drain line freezing (especially where it will be exposed to air at the filter inlet. For my "definately not true koi pond" - I installed a gate valve right after the connection with the bottom drain. The valve is mounted on its side, and a long handle extends to the side of the pond. This allows me to shut off the water at the bottom drain, and then vacum the water out of the pipe with a hose inserted from the filter inlet. A better approach would have been to install an actual drain line in the bottom drain plumbing.

    I also used a 3" rubber test plug, which fits nicely into the opening of my Tetra bottom drain. This will depend on the actual unit you purchase, and means a cold dive to place it. I put this in place while doing my final fall water change, so I didn't have to get fully submerged (but still plenty cold during November in Wisconsin). I am not quite below frost line, but I was counting on the pond not freezing solid. It held up well last winter, although it was mild. I have now changed my mind and plan to bring the goldfish in for the winter and just drain the pond.

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    Yes it can crack. For winter, I put a small submersible pump and 100 watt de-icer in my sump right at the bottom drain pipes, and cover the sump with plywood and some straw bales...keeps the water there unfrozen all winter. Pennsylvania Zone 6
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    Dont some people close off and drain the buried plumbing?

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