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    Thread: Help With Citrus Trees

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      Help With Citrus Trees


      I am seeking any help regarding a couple of citrus trees. The large tree is a semi-dwarf Meyer (improved) Lemon tree......it is a least 12 years old. The second much-smaller tree is some sort of kumquat. We live in San Diego County (City of Lemon Grove).

      Both trees appear to be having a hard time. The lemon tree has lost most of its leaves on the west (sun-facing) side. Some of the remaining leaves are yellow. Fruit production and new growth is very low this past year (it had been a great tree for a number of years, yielding lots of lemons in the past). We water regularly and apply fertilizer about 3-4 times a year.

      The kumquat tree is only about 2 feet tall -- it was just planted this past spring. It had a bunch of fruit on it when it went into the ground, but it lost all that fruit after the first couple of months. I am now noticing a few small branches which seem to have died-off, and are reminding me of the lemon tree.

      I don't know know what is going on. To be honest, I probably only succeed in getting about one out of three trees I plant to make it, but usually once they survive a year, they are good for a while. I would especially like to keep that Meyer Lemon tree, as we have had it now for a while. Any help with these trees would be appreciated.
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