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    Thread: Koi floating

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      Koi floating


      I have a koi that is spending much of the last two weeks floating on the surface, and I'm not sure what the problem may be. It seems to have no problem ducking back underwater, and when it wants can swim to the bottom around 6 feet deep so I don't suspect swim bladder. However the portion that sticks above water appears to be getting a bit discolored and white, and occassionally with some small red dots/blood. I'm not sure whether this is just sunburn or something else, and ultimately I'm not sure what is causing the underlying issue of causing the need to stay breeched for hours on end. Can it be caused by being gravid? Relief from a parasite? I'm at a loss. Other fish in the pond seem fine. Pics enclosed, I can try to net her later, and can scrape and scope if needed, and if I have an idea what to look for. Any advice appreciated!
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      I would tend to believe that it is a swim bladder issue. I once had a similar problem, and ended up with the fish sunburning so badly it had to be put down. I went ahead and installed shade sails to prevent future sunburn, but the fish will not survive the winter chill with its back exposed.

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