I have raised two Golden Orfe's for the past 5 years and am ready to let them go. I do believe they are male female due to the fact that I have fry. The fry are definitely not Koi and there are no other fish in the pond the than Koi and Ide. I am local to Akron Ohio. I will transport a short distance. I am asking $100. for both, total. They are aprox 14 inches.6975B75B-6A7B-4071-B699-71B0FEBC2D7D.jpgCDF192CC-BA6F-43A8-9925-499BE00A0CD4.jpgEC06BD2D-7B0B-4390-81B3-E0BD42AA04AB.jpg831DDEAB-07A0-4A6A-B975-EDEB8CC1B50F.jpg