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    Thread: Shower filter media question

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      Quote Originally Posted by Paultergeist View Post
      Typically, the most common evidence of denitrification occurring would be by measuring a decrease in nitrate within the water over time.

      What about the affect of frequent water changes?

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      Quote Originally Posted by kimini View Post
      Don't get me started about feather rock. While it might work great, getting ANY vendor to call me back proved to be impossible. This included 4... FOUR, walk-in visits to a place that carries the boulders, vendors claiming they carry the smaller stuff, and even the mine itself. Nope, they lost me as a customer.
      For some reason, I did call and confirmed that you can get "ready-to-eat" feather rock at SCal , the 3-4 " chunks for about 40 cpp ... and that was just last year. YMMV.

      I went the caveman way: I bought the feather rock - boulder size ( 6 - 12 " chunks ) and break it down to 3-5" size . That is about 41 cpp and Richert Lumber @ livermore have a couple pallets : the only reason I go locally since i can get it right away , S Cal will be a road trip....


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      Quote Originally Posted by ricshaw View Post
      What about the affect of frequent water changes?
      Sure, that would dilute the pond nitrate levels as well.

      I was just trying to answer the question KoiRun posed: how would one know denitrification was actually occurring? The easiest answer would be to measure a reduction in nitrate levels, either over a course of time during which there were no water changes, or (more ideally) in comparison against a parallel (controlled) experimental system.

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      Thanks Richard and Paul for answering my question. I was also hoping that MCAsan would give his expert opinion, from his experience with his own pond, how he could tell that his ceramic media are denitrifying.
      Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time. ---- Marthe Troly-Curtin

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      Quote Originally Posted by kimini View Post
      I recently handled some surprisingly stiff open-cell foam, you know, the traditional foam that's "squishy." So, why isn't this being used as media instead of the very expensive ceramic stuff? Back in the day, foam filters failed due to how easily they'd clog, but now, with RDFs and sieves, don't they deserve reconsideration as a shower media? The sample in question, 3 x 3 x 0.75, took about 5 lbs to compress. I don't know the material but it shouldn't be too hard to figure out.

      It's too late for me, having just bought some ceramic filter media, but I can't think of a good reason why it wouldn't be a MUCH cheaper and lighter approach for shower filter media.

      And lastly, if the media - ceramic or foam rubber - does clog, only one of them can be "wrung out." So what's wrong with this idea?
      Quote Originally Posted by kimini View Post
      Like I said, I already have the ceramic media, though I may put a foam layer on the top just for fun. It would also serve to show what's getting through the RDF.

      One downside of the foam is that it "may" have far less surface area, though without testing, it's just a hunch.
      Well I am late to the party here, but you answered your own question. The plastic foam filters like you are holding are small extruded threads that are wiggled around to build up a certain thickness. There is only the surface area of the thin thread for bacteria to colonize on. The Rio Media has solid sidewalls on the passages so there exponentially more surface area for colonization on ceramic media surfaces Cermedia and Rio.

      As you said, overtime I expect some of the really thin passageways will end up getting clogged to some extent if the water isn't pre-filtered well enough. I don't like to touch on the denitrification topic, because I don't think it is something that can be counted on in a koi pond, but I think the only way this would happen with Rio Media would be if you directly stack many pieces without a divider plate between them. You would probably need a media block 12"+ thick in order to remove enough oxygen for the "Mythical" denitrification process to possibly happen
      Zac Penn.... Not an expert on Pump Testing, no matter what people may think!

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