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    Thread: Koi sudently acting lethargic and loss of appetite long white poop help

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      Quote Originally Posted by icu2 View Post
      I'd wait for the Fluke-M. No harm in treating a few days after the BSDT for flukes. I've even done a 4th
      treatment of the BSDT with the Fluke-M. It'll still work fine.

      Great then that is what I will do. in a few days when the fluke M comes I will do a 50 percent water change and then add 1 more treatment of broad spectrum and the fluke m at same time.

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      now? what caused the issue? Ponds reach maximum stress in the hot Summer (and fish get the most stressed in a COLD Winter). I don't think the yeast caused any issue at all, koi suck down tons of microbic life all day long. Perhaps too high a stocking rate? not keeping the pond clean of bio-waste..or enough aeration.
      The bad microbes are ALWAYS there. when conditions are right for them, or your koi are stressed(which is just another kind of "right for them" situation) they bad guys multiply exponentially....
      In the hobby we refer to keeping water, not keeping koi....I like to say we keep a pond. keep a good pond and the fish will be OK.
      "Those aren't poodles. They're Dobermans with afros."

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      Not sure if related but I fed my kois with white bread last few weeks and 4 died a couple of days later (see this thread http://www.koiphen.com/forums/showth...om-White-Bread), the pond was sighted with string white poops.

      I made a few water changes, added salt, API Melafix, they wouldn't eat anything so no feeding for a week

      Now the rest seems to be happy and healthy again.

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