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    Thread: Ochiba turning white - thoughts?

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      Ochiba turning white - thoughts?

      Ive had fish turn white on me before, but so far it has only been beni. This Ochiba has developed a white spot recently. Slime coat still good, still acting totally normal and a voracious eater. Not sure what I should/could do? Water has been hot - a bit over 80 degrees. I left for vacation for 2 weeks, came back and this is what I saw. Nirtates in water were a bit high, I am doing a 50% WC as I type this.


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      Cannot tell from your description. However possible damage to the slime coat or maybe a fungus starting if you have had this before on other fishes beni.

      Damage to the slime coat: Rubbing but usually not that close to the dorsal. High nitrAtes maybe a possible spawn and damage resulting from "the party". High water temps and stress.
      Fungus: Usually not in warmer water but it can happen. Again stress due to warm water.

      Good luck

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