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    Thread: Small Goldfish Completely Changing Color?

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      Small Goldfish Completely Changing Color?

      Hi All,

      A few weeks ago, I had a snake in my pond, and I created a makeshift snake trap that I baited with four tiny 13-cent goldfish from Petsmart. Three of the four were smaller than I thought and immediately escaped through the holes in the minnow trap I was using for the trap. We let the last one loose after I caught the snake (without the trap).

      So, four small, ordinary goldfish got added to my pond: two all-gold and two sort of an all-tannish/brownish color. In the past couple of weeks I've been traveling a lot, but when I've been home, I've occasionally seen the two gold ones, and I once saw the two brownish ones swimming in a shallow spot--all the exact same color they were when I bought them.

      Flash forward to this evening, when I got home after four days on the road. I cleaned some leaves out of the pond, threw some food in, and stood for a bit watching to see that all of the fish were accounted for. Normally, I haven't been looking for these four small ones, but as I was watching my koi and some of the other, larger goldfish, I saw one of the small gold ones swim by. Okay, cool. It's still alive. Then, I saw a fish swim by that I've never seen before. It was about the size of the all-gold one, but it was black down its back, from head to tail, with gold on both sides toward the front.

      Now, unless I'm going bonkers (always a possibility), I never put a fish in my pond that looked like that. So, here's my question: is it possible that one of those four small fish drastically changed color in about three weeks? They had to have been very young when I bought them, since they were so small, but can/does a goldfish change color that drastically in that short a period of time? If not, does anyone have any other guesses about what's going on here? (Other than me losing my mind?)

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      Goldfish, when they hatch, tend to be a dark muddy green/brown color, which from a distance often looks black. As the grow, they then change from that color to orange. It sounds like yours may have been at that stage where part of the fish had changed, and part of them had not, but are now changing. In the end, they will all be gold.

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      greypilgrim76 is offline Junior Member
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      Jun 2018
      Terre Haute, Indiana
      Interesting! I had no idea! I'm sort of hoping it'll keep the black stripe down its back, but hey, I wasn't expecting it to change colors at all, so I'm just along for the ride now!

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