Hello all, I'm located in Southern Indiana area near Evansville, Newburgh area and in need of some help. I'm writing this for my dad who has just had a stroke and lost most of eye sight. He won't be able to take care of his giant koi pond as much as he wants to so he would like to give them away. He's not interesting in selling them, they just need a good home soon. We have about 30 most are almost 15 years old and a few pond goldfish. Colors and sizes vary. There's also some equipment he wants to get rid of too: one of zacs vacuum siethe, 10,000 gallon pump, and some home-made bacteria ball showers

you can contact me at 812.480.1381 or nickthegoat@gmail.com and please If I haven't posted in the right place, let me know. I'm also sorry if I misspelled the equipment, I'm not very familiar with it. Thanks.