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    Thread: How much shower bio media for 12k gallon pond

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      wfhoffmaniii is offline Senior Member
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      Sep 2013
      Palatine, IL
      I'll add my pond in as well although I DO use UV currently. I've been curious about this topic for several years. While I seem to have found a solution for my pond I'm always looking for better ways.

      Specifically answer (now added questions):
      -how much bio and the type of bio (media): 2 S/G filters - one S/G feeds 2 CuF feather rock, one feeds UV.
      -type of filtration(s) and maintenance routine - weekly cleaning of S/G and baskets (pre pump and skimmer)
      -sun exposure - at least 6 hours filtered light about 4 hours.
      -turn over rate for the size pond - 3.8x g/h
      -type of food (does it contain probiotics?) Dr. Foster and Smith winter/weatgerm
      -do you add beneficial bacteria? - no
      -do you routinely use algaecide to control GWA? - no I use 55W UV in the outflow from one S/G filter.
      -how much water change weekly? 20% from filter cleaning
      -do you practice of flow-through - no
      -do you run your filters even in the winter? - no - Northern climate and filtration not enclosed
      -Nitrate level - I not normally detect - I do see some when I'm having an excursion because of hit to bio filter.

      The UV is 1 year old at this point. not sure how strong it is. I also routinely fight string algae at beginning of year until bio is fully developed. I have plants in waterfall/stream and in two small sections along walls of pond. There is significant flow behind and under block walls which might be anaerobic.


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      Essex, UK
      I’ve tried asking manufacturers here in the UK as to what their showers can provide in terms of feed rates or pond size. One said that they only recommend it as additional filtration...despite their website saying it can be used as standalone filtration. Very cagey answers as I don’t think they’ve researched it enough (best case scenario) or they know it’s not that great (worst case scenario).
      Main pond 4000 US Gallon, 22 Koi. Oase Proficlear Premium + Bio Module, Bitron 120 w UVC, Bakki Shower, Dura 7+ ashp. Grow on tank 600 Gallons with Eazypod Automatic and 70 litre K1 biochamber.

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