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    Thread: Ulcer or Wound?

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      Ulcer or Wound?

      I have a Yellow Ogon who has developed a couple of wounds or ulcers (I don't know how to tell the difference) on it's head.
      They appear to be growing. I have attached a couple of photos with the first one being from May 18th and the second one from May 28th.
      I've done water changes, checked quality, etc. and everything is good. This fish does not act like it has parasites or any injury but it does like to between my border rocks to look for food.
      I decided to try and catch him and treat the wounds with hydrogen peroxide and Neosporin but that is no easy task as he is a fast swimmer.
      I read on a website to not treat wounds/ulcers that are not red in color because they may be healing. Exact quote is, "Only treat red, bloody wounds. Look closely at the ulcer before you catch the fish. If the ulcer is pink with a white rim do not scrub it with peroxide or iodine it is already healing on its own." This describes my fish so I'm not sure if I should treat it but it is definitely getting a lot bigger.
      Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
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      Ulcers and wounds are the same thing. I commented on your other post re: your water parameters and concerns about them.

      If this were my fish, I would pull...sedate and treat.

      Slow and steady is the key to catching. My pond is 9000 gallons and I can catch the fish. If you can get someone to stand on the other side w/ a rubbermaid tub to guide the fish into, it helps. How big is your pond?
      Koi Health Care Committee Member

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      Thanks Andrea.
      My wife helped me catch the fish today. It was very easy as the fish was poking its head into the rocks so it didn't see us coming. Even so, it stressed her out big time. She bled from her gills as I was holding her and she really didn't thrash around so my wife was able to apply hydrogen peroxide and iodine to the wounds. The wound was hard to the touch like bone.
      We had her outside of water for a few minutes and then put her into a 30 gal QT tank with pond water, air and salt. She floated on her side not moving for a bit but now seems OK. I am going to treat with the Doxycyline like I did with my other fish.
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