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    Thread: newbie 1st time with fry

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      guardianx9 is offline Member
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      newbie 1st time with fry

      currently i'm feeding the fry egg yolk. when should i change it to shrimp or other solid food? and about what month will the fry start to show color??currently i jus have an air pump in the bucket what will i need to include some filter? i'm jus afraid that the pump will suck up the fry. i think the fry start to hatch at the 1st week of may..the parent koi is some random mutt from petco. butterfly type.. ugly as hell i' was a newbie now i'm still a newbie with fry lol
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      dragonfly1976 is offline Senior Member
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      Egg yolk is good for the first couple weeks, after that, you can change over to various foods. I like using live foods such as daphnia to help them grow quicker. If you have a large outdoor container or barrel, you can keep an ongoing culture of them going all summer for endless food. As far as a filter, I start with sponge filters run with an air pump so the fry aren’t harmed by a pump. Later, when they are a little larger, you can use a small pump with an intake that is spread out so as not to have massive suction in one place. You can also use panty hose to cover the intake so as not to suck them in. Make sure you keep up with regular water changes to keep good water quality, as this is vital in their growth.

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      Orlando is online now Senior Member
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      By the 6 week you should be seeing patterns starting to emerge and you can make your own sponge filters they won't hurt the fry and they will provide a place for the fry to snack on.

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