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    Thread: aquadyne 2.2

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      Apr 2006

      aquadyne 2.2

      hi, I at one time lost some beads im my 2,2 aquadyne filter, while i have added some to replace them i may not have put in the correct amount as my pump and filter seem to bog down a bit faster then my other system which is basically the same, my question is while the filter is dry and before i open it this year, is there a way to measure the beads to see if i have the right amount in the filter, i realize this is a strange question but im trying to solve this problem which plagued me last year.
      thanks, Jeff

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      If you have 2 of the filters, you should be able to measure the depth of each from the top rim to the bead leave and determine if you have the same amount. When I lost beads from my SacKoi15, I was told to fill to a particular depth. Different filter, different center column, so the depth that I was told would not apply to you. If you don't have 2 of the same filter, then call Aquadyne and ask how deep the beads should be.

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      Jeff, what did the folks at Aquadyne say when you asked them?


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      Apr 2006
      rich, i actually thought of that after my post and the beads are ok,thanks, I will have to go to plan b, not sure what that is yet but ill figure it out.

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      Control Head and Column Removal
      1. Turn off pump and attached equipment.
      2. Detach all PVC lines from the control head. This is
      typically done by unscrewing union connectors.
      3. Using a #2 Phillips head screwdriver, remove the 2 screws on
      either side of the neck clamp that attaches the black control
      head to the beige tank and remove the neck clamp from the tank.
      4. Lift straight up on the control head and the entire head and
      column can be easily removed.
      Note: When removing column from tank, always inspect it
      thoroughly. Remove any beads that might have become trapped in
      the upper slots. Typically, some media will become trapped in the
      upper slots over time, which if significant can cause the flow rate
      through the filter to decrease. The slots in both the upper and lower
      sections are engineered to maintain a flow even when 75% blocked.

      Measuring the Bead Media Depth
      Remove the control head and column as directed above.
      Fill the tank with water until the beads float 2 to 3 inches below the tank opening. Reach into the media and
      feel for the bottom of the floating media. Insert a tape measure to your fingers and take the bead depth reading
      from the surface of the media at the tank opening. It is not recommended to exceed the measurement capacity
      by more than 10% when adding media to the tank.
      Bead Capacity by Depth Measure
      AD2000 / Model .60B --- 8.5 inches (3# of media per inch)
      AD4000 / Model 1.1B --- 10.5 inches (4# of media per inch)
      AD8000 / Model 2.2B --- 13.5 inches (6# of media per inch)
      AD16000 / Model 4.4C - 15.5 inches (10# of media per inch)
      AD30000 / Model 8.8C -- 16.5 inches (19# of media per inch)

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      Vice President Oregon Koi and Watergarden Society

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