When I did the spray treatment, I had done the dip a couple of times previously. With the dip, supposedly you could strain the dip through a coffee filter to get most of the slime coat that fouls the dip, and then refrigerate for the next days dip. You put the 5 gallons of dip in the refrigerator and then the next day you have to take it out, warm it to near pond temperature and repeat. The cost of the Tricide Neo is not something that you could do the 5 gallon dip new every day on very many occasions. I did the clove oil to put the fish under, then held the fish in an empty bowl and would keep the fish wet with the spray for the 5 minutes that the dip was supposed to be applied, figuring the fish would take in as much through the continuous spray as a dip, as long as both kept the fish wetted with the antibiotic. At the end, the fish was rinsed and returned to the pond. The quart size spray bottle would refrigerate much easier, not taking up so much space, and wouldn't require much if any warming before use, and would not be fowled by the slime coat sloughing off into it. As Steve said, a quart goes a long ways sprayed on, and 5 gallons is not a lot when you are trying to swim a 24 or 25" fish, even in a bag.