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    Thread: Iso immediate help with parasite

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      Iso immediate help with parasite

      I just got some fish from my trusted pet store and they are 30 miles from my house. i just got done treating a fish that was very ill not too long ago and just found out the fish i got just put my entire tank in jeapordy with an anchorworm. im extremely poor and nowhere near a pet shop ii need help asap! dealing with a fragile bred of shunbunken goldfish and fantails that have the anchorworm. PLEASE HELP I DONT EVEN HAVE BR. BLUE OR HYDROGEN PEROXIDE.

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      inazuma28 is offline Senior Member
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      Just to clarify the situation, you should include water parameters, pictures, tank size, how many fish, ect... Ive never personally seen anchor worm do to much damage by itself. You might be dealing with more issues than just anchor worm. But if the problem is just anchor worm, the treatment of choice is Dimilin. Here is a cheap source although i cant vouch for this product or seller. https://www.ebay.com/i/253347308167?chn=ps

      This is a bit more expensive but a lot less shady looking https://webbsonline.com/Item/Microbe...CABEgKk2PD_BwE

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      no further answer will be as good as the one above
      "Those aren't poodles. They're Dobermans with afros."

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      I’m really not qualifyed to post in here, but I have delt with anchor worms before. My first year keeping goldfish and koi.
      This is what I did and what worked for me.
      I treated with kordon lice and anchorwrom treatment. I followed the directions on the bottle. I also netted out the fish with the anchorworms attached and used a tweezers to remove the worms. Then used bio bandage on the area. All the fish were fine and healed up fast.

      I’m sure those with years of experience have better advice to give.

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