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    Thread: First Signs of Spring

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      First Signs of Spring

      For me, one of the earliest spring emergents is Drosera filiformis, though Drosera sp. can be found in many of the contiguous 48 states. I was wondering and watching this year for Drosera to show, given they are a bellweather species for me and with the depth of the flooding from Irma and the extensive time it took for the floodwaters to recede I had to wonder if the Sundews had survived the sustained immersion.

      I was encouraged this week when I took my brother-in-law out to visit the back of the property and I found both the Drosera and the bog violet ( Viola lanceolata ) had survived the deluge. < g > For a size reference....that is a piece of Purina cat chow I found in my pocket to give a sense of scale to the Drosera. < g >
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      Wow, that's a mini! Glad they survived.

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