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    Thread: Help needed ASAP

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      Help needed ASAP

      I have a 7000 gallon pond in Philly
      It is turned off for the winter
      I have a large bubbler set up to keep hole in ice
      We had low temps this winter which create a 4" ice cap
      The bubbler kept a minimum 12" hole in ice
      I have checked it over the winter and fish were stable
      I went out to check today and 1 large fish(showa) isdead and two on the bottom barely alive.
      I pulled them out and put them in separate container
      1 looks normal, the other has white spots all over him. The large one that died looked fine
      PH - 8
      Amonia - 0
      Nitites - 0
      Nitrates - 0
      Water temp 37
      Pond has been up and running 6 years with no issues..

      I turned filters back on. I have pp on hand. I was thinking about using it to help.
      Anyone have any other ideas? I would appreciate all your help..
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      Sorry about your fish. The 2 on the bottom need to come inside, a pool or cattle trough, let the water come up to room temp and then heat 2 degrees an hour. My hospital tank is 81. The white looks like fungus or carp pox. The need air and while you get a filter set up, water changes
      My opinions in ER and on this forum are mine only. Use my advice at your own discretion.

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      Do the spots feel waxy? Carp pox is, and despite appearances more or less harmless. Either way, it would help them to get warm first. Three of my koi have carp pox to a lesser degree than what your pics show, but it can be worse.
      Main pond 4000 US Gallon, 22 Koi. Oase Proficlear Premium + Bio Module, Bitron 120 w UVC, Bakki Shower, Dura 7+ ashp. Grow on tank 600 Gallons with Eazypod Automatic and 70 litre K1 biochamber.

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