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    Thread: Swim bladder, suspected problem.

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      Quote Originally Posted by coolwon View Post
      Of course if there are any water quality issues, this needs to be corrected. This is just what I wound prepare to do if any of my koi develop this problem. How long has it had this problem? Any thing happened that could have stressed this koi? Post water quality numbers.
      Here is a radiograph picture of a common carp that might help in land marking. I think there is a youtube video somewhere that shows the procedure.
      Attachment 575900

      I believe this "swim bladder " problem arose from a simple accident. Our weather bureau forecast heavy consistent rains coming down the continent from Central Africa

      which was forecast to last for 4 or 5 days. Any rainfall falling on my roof is directed directly into my main pond from corner cut of the gutters.

      I made up a mix of water and baking powder in a 5-liter bucket. I cast the mix over the grow on pond and a portion of water mix went into the main pond and the bucket with the

      powder residue slipped and dropped into the grow on pond. My young wanting to please assistant reached over the pond and grabbed the bucket, tipped the remainder of the mix

      straight into grow on pond. GRRRRRRRRRRRR . This grow on pond is 1 of 5 (+- 2000 liters) of my upflow filter compartments and has regulated main pond water entering and turning

      the water over all day.

      I did not rush and shut the 4 up-flow filters down to drive the full flow of pond water through the baby pen to disperse the mix.

      I assumed the mix would dissolve and pass through the pond into the main pond with no hassles.

      I noticed the distressed fish a couple of days later.

      I found a reference to HARDNESS SHOCK.

      I believe this fish suffered from hardness shock.

      To date, I do not have a body.

      To date, I cannot net this particular fish using my 1-meter net

      This pond has an 18-inch high plastic fence to stop the jumpers jumping into the main pond.

      We don't have the wildlife you guys seem to have.

      I have always had a spot for Kujaku and I have never been able to net this fish easily.

      I sincerely hope it is alive and well and evading the net.


      Second Update

      Be aware of Hardness Shock.

      My Kujaku is alive and well, very skittish and has been avoiding the net

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