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    Thread: To trim plants for winter or not

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      To trim plants for winter or not

      I have a lot of greens in and around my pond. Here's a picture from one angle:

      Name:  Pond 1.jpg
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      At the front of it, you can see this plants that are going vertically up. I don't know what they're called. You see three of them: one closest to the camera on the left (let's call it the first), then one next to it on the right (second), and finally one further back. This picture is from a few years ago, so here's how it looked like this summer:

      Name:  20150821_131610.jpg
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      Anyways, I'm just wondering, here in Toronto the top of the pond will freeze and fish stay there. But I'm wondering if I need to trim back these vertical plants from the bottom, in particular the second plants (of which you can see a lot more in the second picture). These second plants are long and tubular: imagine chives but make it winder and obviously much longer!

      What do you reckon?

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      I'm going to move you to the plant section because I don't know anything except for the lilies, I used to cut the leaves so they didn't rot.

      The plant people will know.

      I would net the pond to keep the leaves from falling. My fig tree dropped all its leaves in my Wakin pond.
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      I cannot tell what all of the plants in the pic are, but it looks like there are some irises and horsetail reed in the first picture, neither of which need to be cut back for the winter. The arrowhead in the right of the pond in the second pic should be cut back to keep dead leaves out of the pond. I cannot tell what the grass like plant is that is in the second picture but I would trim it don for the same reason. The taller plant behind it is also hard to distinguish. I thought t first that it was papyrus, but do not believe that that is what it is. Can you post close ups of the plants, especially the ends? To keep dead leaves etc. out of the pond, it is usually best to trim plants back.
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