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    Thread: push in 2 inch pipe

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      push in 2 inch pipe

      What is the max gallons an hour that can be pushed thru a 2inch diameter pvc pipe.

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      Google PVC pipe flow calculators and you can see losses and head needed for either gravity or pump flow requirements. Obviously the shorter the pipe and less fittings in the system flow losses will be smaller. Flow losses will depend on your specific setup.
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      It all depends how much line loss (pressure drop) you are willing to have. More pressure drop = more electricity spent on pumping. I've seen over 100,000 gph pushed through a 2" pipe in industry (obviously not PVC).

      It's a bit of a balancing act. If it is for a temporary application, you might undersize the plumbing more than a permanent solution. You can also get carried away, putting in huge pipes to have very little friction. This can lead to things like suspended solids settling.

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