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    Thread: Natural Pond

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      Natural Pond

      Hello Koi Peeps,

      We currently have our house on the market and want to take our fish with us. Our pond is filtered with pumps, bead filters, and vortex filters and had roughly 8k gallons.

      We are looking at a house with a natural fed pond with about 16k gallons.

      Is this something I could dredge out if its not deep enough? Do I need to filter a naturally spring fed pond? The dimensions look to be around 10 feet wide by 30 feet long.



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      You could dredge it or have it dug deeper but you would need permission from Department of Natural Resources in your state. You would not have to filter a natural pond.
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      Hi, Lthyne,
      Where i live in NY, farm ponds are common and i don't know if my pond contractor got paperwork or not. but. I have 3 mudponds and an additional smaller pond -- about the same size as yours -- that i've used to hold a few fish for a couple of weeks while bigger ponds refill.

      I would make it bigger, if you can.
      You know that if you have koi in mud, that the water will not be clear?
      this doesn't bother me, but be prepared for very murky water.
      I would also advise that your pond be five to six feet deep at least in one end to help your koi live through the winter and your sides should be sloped enough so that if you or a deer fall in (!) there's a chance to save yourself.

      As previous poster said, you don't have to filter this pond, and if your natural fed pond dries up in the summer, you'll want to set up another water source. I use wells.

      Last, I have to net all of my ponds here against predators.

      All the best with this project and your new home!
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      Quote Originally Posted by yorkie View Post
      You could dredge it or have it dug deeper but you would need permission from Department of Natural Resources in your state. You would not have to filter a natural pond.
      Never heard of that here. I've worked with Conservation and NRCS for 16 years, is that by state? I dug my pond at the farm with no permissions. Is that if its near a stream or wetlands?
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      Yes, if you are digging a pond or expanding the one you have it is better to ask first. The D.E.C. Will likely want to get involved with permits needed. A few years ago you could probably get away with it, but times have changed and the laws are much more strict here in N.Y. . I’m not sure about your state.

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