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    Thread: Where to buy pond treatments.

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      Quote Originally Posted by GoldieGirl View Post
      It sounds like you are arguing against being prepared ... ! It is an individual choice of course, but living in Canada as you are, you know that - a) supplies cost more both in price and shipping charges, b) are harder to find and c) can take forever to ship unless you have Amazon Prime.
      Unlike many, I have my own microscope and have taken the KOI course to learn how to scrape and scope. But by the time I notice a behaviour difference, decide to bowl and scrape, choose a course of treatment and order the meds, wait for delivery - the infestation or medical condition could easily be 2 or more weeks advanced. Like Cindy, I choose to have the items I need on hand, ordered when I have time to shop around and wait for delivery, often stocking up when I travel to the States.
      Understood. I guess I take if for granted living in a big city where meds are just a short drive away.
      Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time. ---- John Lennon.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Pond,James_Pond View Post
      Case in point: As the water is getting colder, I notice Sunny our largest (fattest) fish with a slight bent spine condition struggling a little more to swim. Next day I check on them and there she is, lying on the bottom. Darn. Get the net to get her out and as soon as the net touches her, she wiggles upright and swims around. I toss in some food and she comes up with everybody else and gobbles up the goodies. Next day, same thing. This goes on for about five days and I figure it's only a matter of time when she doesn't respond. I'm thinkin' it's either a swim bladder problem or a tumor, or both. So I go about my winter cleaning tasks.
      UPDATE: Sunny is fine, swimming around with everybody else all day. I think she had a more difficult time adjusting to the cold water. It went fairly quickly from 70 to 55. I was really worried when I saw her laying on the bottom against the sloping side, absolutely lifeless. Saw her that way 5 days when I came home in the afternoon. She's fine now!


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