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    Thread: Koi gender?

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      Bardebarde is offline Junior Member
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      Question Koi gender?

      I different type of kois loud and I want to check their gender so i can breed them.recently I figured it out that it is hard to tell gender when they are small.they are about half a foot or more,is that small?and how do i tell their gender?
      Three koi about half a foot,and one about a foot.

      Thank you.

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      inazuma28 is offline Senior Member
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      Some fish are very obviously male or female and it can be seen before they reach a foot long. Some are more difficult and it takes until they are well over a foot long. Here are the ways you can tell the difference.
      Typically large pectoral fins
      Typically a thick leading ray of the pectoral fin
      Typically have thicker/denser pec fins
      Rough pec fins at sexual maturity (feels like sand grit)
      Rough gill plates at sexual maturity
      Vent opening is somewhat rounded

      Males typically are more slender fish with a strong shoulder but not much mass through the rear of the fish

      Pec fins are smaller, thinner, smooth and more transparent
      Gill plates are always smooth
      vent opening looks more like a straight line running from left to right
      Generally females will be fuller, bulkier fish and carry their weight from the shoulder to as far back as the tail tube

      The things that are underlined are the most important. For example, if you have a bulky fish that carries weight toward the back, has small delicate pec fins, but the gill plates and fins feel rough, its a male.

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      inazuma28 is offline Senior Member
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      Ronkonkoma, New York
      if you post pictures of the fish the members here and I will be glad to give our best guess as to sex.

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      And that would be nothing more than "guesses" as they are really too small at 6" to tell anything. You also have other issues (tadpoles) to deal with before you jump into thinking about breeding. Is this idea about making money from koi or just for fun?

      check out our website at: http://www.pond-life.net

      "Our goal is to assist with emergency and Koi health issues, as well as educate on best practices. Please help us gain a clear picture by giving the original poster time to answer our questions before offering opinions and suggested treatments."

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