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Thread: DIY Mini Sieve with Micro Bakki

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    DIY Mini Sieve with Micro Bakki

    While making effort to not spawn a tirade of "bogs are evil" responses, I present my DIY Mini Sieve with Micro Bakki.

    My bog is fed via a retro-fit bottom drain at 2100gph. While the bog functions perfectly for it's intended purpose, it simply cannot handle the DOC load it is being fed.
    So while trying to not ruin the aesthetics of my pond, this is what I came up with.

    The 140 micron screen insert I had previously built to fit into my skimmer box, replacing a sheet of Matala. It worked... in fact so well that it would plug solid in under 2 hours. Without the cascading water to flush the solids to the bottom, it just plugs up.

    I built this box out of scrap acrylic I had laying around. The Bakki shower part? Well when you have a captured area with cascading water, why not? It may not look like much but what you see is 30 lbs. of Lava rock in there.

    The debris you see in it now are the first 4 hours of use.

    Don't judge me on the murky water, 10 min before I took the video I was tromping about the pond trimming Lillies.
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    This is very cool! I don't think I would have ever thought to build a DIY sieve like this. How did you weld all the pieces of acrylic together? Did you just use silicone?

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    Only one little problem... your DIY mini sieve does not have wedge wire screen.

    Maybe by the end of the year you will be able to replace the 140 micron screen with a cheap wedge wire screen if it becomes available.

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    Nice job!! The talent on exhibited on this board never ceases to amaze!!

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