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Thread: Cute Ryukin baby

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    Cute Ryukin baby

    This is Ulliri. Pronounced (Ooo-Lee-Vee). Got him from a tank full of ich and disease at Walmart last year. Tiny shrimp. Was there two weeks whilst I complained and tried to talk myself out of getting a fish from such a horrible tank.

    Nothing was done and the fish were dying left and right but this little one was there each time I came. He was drifty but he didn't have the ich somehow. I broke down and got him. I really cannot resist a Ryukin. He never got the ich. He's never been sick even once. He's the toughest little guy I've ever seen.

    Here he is today. Quite the cute little man now. Got his little Ryukin shape coming in nicely and finally beginning to grow a tad too. He likely won't ever be big, but I am sure he is happy to be alive.
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    He's a cutie. I wish Walmart would stop selling fish.

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    He is cute, thanks for saving him
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