Utah Water Garden and Koi Pond Tour is happening August 5-6, 2017. Its our 17th annual show, displaying beautiful ponds, Champion and Reserve Champion Koi and many other beautiful Koi that are our friends! Along the beautiful Wasatch front, homes welcome visitors from near and far to show off their yards and koi.
Come join us, we are the friendliest club around! Call Pres. Shirley Simmonds ( 702-302-6315) to answer any questions you might have or where to buy our 4 color glossy tour books for $15.00. Included are coupons for fresh corn, discounts at retailers and a free appetizer at a local restaurant to cool down during the 2 day tour. It will take you 2 full days to see all the homes. Every year we have different homes, so if you've been before, you haven't seen these gorgeous ponds!
And you thought we just skied and hiked here!