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    Thread: Spawning Free-For-All.....

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      Spawning Free-For-All.....

      Hey Gang,

      I have a 300 gallon deck pond that houses wakins, comets, and shubunkins. About 3 weeks ago there was a spawning free for all. All of the fish looked like they were in on the action. My question is, will I get any wakins? The female looked like she was the primary target. Or will I get some kind of hybrid if all 3 varieties were involved? Right now the fry are 2 1/2 weeks old and I'm feeding baby brine shrimp a couple of times a day.

      Thanks, Gerard

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      You got a chance to get any thing if your lucky .

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      I have comets and wakins together in my pond and when I get babies, it seems i only get comets. I keep trying to rehome the comets so that the only fish i have in my pond are wakins but I keep finding comets I like.

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